R&D tax credits

Research and development tax relief

The UK Government wants to incentivise innovation and offers valuable tax credits to businesses undertaking R&D. There are multiple schemes, on different terms, aimed at smaller and larger businesses respectively.

The definition of R&D for tax purposes is a little broader than many people seem to realise. Businesses in a range of industries, from television production to software development, may not know they are eligible to claim for projects they have undertaken.

If your business does any work whatsoever with technology, or carries out any kind of innovation in delivery, it will be worth your while to talk to one of our R&D tax experts. They will find out more about your business and ask smart questions to identify any qualifying R&D work you might be doing.

If there are projects that meet HMRC’s criteria, we will help you put together a claim that gives you the best possible chance of relieving R&D tax relief. For many businesses, this can make the difference between profitability or failure, or fuel growth that might otherwise have been some way in the distance.

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