Accounts preparation

Correctly compiling your company’s accounts

If you are a director, it stands to reason that you will need a qualified accountant to ensure your limited company’s financial statements are accurately compiled before year-end.

Cloud accounting technology really comes into its own with this process, allowing you to share your company’s financial data and information swiftly and securely. You need to send us all of your company’s financial records before we can begin to prepare its annual accounts.

Using our expert knowledge of the subject matter and the reporting framework, we collect, classify and summarise your financial information to produce understandable statements for you and your shareholders.

The finished set of accounts are prepared to generally accepted accounting principles, and adapted as necessary to meet disclosure requirements set out in laws and other requirements applicable to the sector you operate in.

Our accounts preparation process is objective, professional and confidential, while our final report increases the credibility of the financial information placed on public record after filing with Companies House. A service to benefit any limited company or incorporated entity in the UK.

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