Business tax services

Sole traders, partnerships, limited companies

Tax is a major burden on UK businesses – not only paying it but also the administration of the process. Our team is dedicated to taking care of this for our clients, relieving the pressure and identifying opportunities to reduce your liability.

Corporation tax, sometimes called company tax, is paid by all limited companies, also known as incorporated businesses. A corporation tax return must be submitted within 12 months after the end of the accounting period it covers and you have to pay your corporation tax bill within 9 months and a day after the end of the accounting period. There are penalties for filing or paying late. Your corporation tax return is also when you get a chance to claim tax reliefs and credits, such as for research and development (R&D).

Sole traders and partnerships won’t need to submit a corporation tax return. Instead, they’ll need to report their business profits and pay tax on them via the income tax self-assessment system. We can manage this process for you and, again, ensure you claim all the allowable expenses and tax relief to which you’re entitled.

We also help businesses manage their capital gains tax (CGT) liability. If you make a profit when you sell a business asset, from trademarks to computer hardware, we’ll calculate whether you owe CGT – and how much.

When it comes to long-term strategic planning, we offer clear advice on structuring your business to achieve tax efficiency and how you can make decisions today that will reduce how much tax you pay in years to come.

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